Boerge Bjartmann Bjerck

Boerge Bjartmann Bjerck

Floroe Norway


I live i Floroe at the far west coast of Norway. It´s a small beautiful town. My gallery are in the main street of the city. My photographic work are mainly abstract and conceptual. My main project is an photo art project I have named DISINTEGRATE. It´s about TERRIBLE BEAUTY. When nobody cares anymore……. human made constructions start to live their own lives……. it s like a journey in time it s like a negative….. together with you… it become a positive…. It´s about the lived life.

Boerge Bjartmann Bjerck works as an art photographer in Floroe, Norway. His focus is from a microcosmos perspective. He dwells on deterioration and decay trough close up photography. Where others only find destruction, Bjerck finds new worlds of life and wonderful patterns. Trough his abstract pictures one can perceive the world from several viewpoints simultaneously, that wath is, that will be, and the perished. Beauty and ugliness melted together.

Skjalg Ekland